The Importance of Work

I’m the kind of person who might see a blog just like this one and wonder, “Does this person really think people are reading this?”.  Part of me is just really curious about the state of mind of that particular blog writer, the mentality of writing and writing in the desperate hope of gaining a readership.  But that’s looking at the blog and its writer in the wrong light.  Sure, that DOES happen, where a person wants the be seen and read, but what can all to often be forgotten or overlooked is the value in doing work for the individuals sake.  

Starting to write is hard.  Sitting down to do some task that isn’t inherently easy or quickly rewarding can be nearly monumental at times to start.  There is a large part of me that would rather be watching YouTube or playing a game right now, two things that can bring immediate gratification without any effort at all.  But unfortunately for me, doing those things doesn’t really satisfy me in the long run very often, especially when there isn’t a balance between those activities and other ones.  Writing, working on chores, planning tournaments or other events, these things are tougher to start, even tougher to finish, but leave a lasting impression on my mental state of having accomplished something worthwhile.  That FEELING that doing those tasks gives is SO worth it that you could do work that ultimately is not valued by others, gives nothing to the community, and maybe even seen as a total waste of time by those around you, and it would STILL be worth it.  Very worth it.  

Understanding the feelings and motivations that go into you as a person are very vital to actually BEING content and feeling productive, especially for a person like myself.  I might wake up in the morning and think “I have a whole day to do whatever I want, so playing video games and eating junk food seems like a great plan!”  And in some ways I’m right.  There isn’t anything inherently wrong with doing that.  But for me as a person, I WANT to feel like I’m working towards a goal.  I WANT to feel like my actions matter to others.  And I cant ignore those wants just because they are hard to work on.  The work itself on those feelings is worth it every time.

Sometimes that work isn’t appreciated and sometimes that work ends up being thrown away, like the time spent didn’t even exist.  But it DID happen, you DID do the work, you learned from the work and you FELT the energy that comes from doing work on things that matter to you, and everyone should understand that THAT FEELING is what is the most important part of work.  Feelings matter a lot more than most people think, so don’t forget.  

So if you have something that you want, get to work.  Don’t think too much about how that work will be received, don’t think too much about what that work with accomplish, don’t think too much about all the things you could do instead.  Do the work and feel the feeling of working.  Enjoy it, become addicted to it, learn from your work and use your knowledge on your next work project.  You can only go up from here.