Thoughts on the new Count’s Castle

My newest tournament is up here :

Coming up shortly will be the new Count’s Castle series of tournaments which will be run at my house biweekly on Mondays.  Here are my thoughts on each aspect of the tournament.

The tournaments will be run at my house, which is a great venue to use for small to medium sized tournaments.  It does involve quite a bit of work to rearrange the living room to accommodate for all the players, tables, chairs and setups, but since we don’t have to pay for the venue, you cant beat that.  If the tournaments grow to exceed the size of my house though, I will look elsewhere for more space and go from there. 

Because of the time and effort I will be putting into these events, and my philosophy on smash events in general, I will be charging a $2 venue fee for attending.  This cost doesn’t really compensate me for the time spent, its more of a token to show that the players who attend respect the time and energy that goes into this sort of thing.  The venue money will go towards more equipment, chairs, tables, cords, etc.  This fee may get adjusted down the line.  I may write at length about this another time, but i do believe that most every smash event should charge a venue fee.

The rule set for the tournament will be largely the same as other events in the area, with the small change to allow for the miifighters to use the full range of their moves.  This might allow the characters to be played, but in all likelihood nobody will notice or care since the characters have been killed off by other tournament rule sets.  I also plan on having the prize distribution favor giving more players money, since Santa Rosa players have mentioned wanting that.

The other major difference for these events is that for players who eventually lose, almost all of you, you will be given the option to continue playing matches against those who are also out of the tournament.  This will be a round robin style pairing, played out with the same tournament rules as if you two had met in bracket.  The match results will be used to rank players based on their wins and losses, and to whom they beat or lost.  As the tournament series goes on, players will be able to be seeded and play their additional after bracket matches against similarly ranked players, as a way of further including players who want to play more match ups, as well as creating a ranking system that players can enjoy following and attempting to climb.  

I’m anxious to see how people feel about the additional matches that they can play, and although the system is optional, it may pressure people into thinking they need to play more matches than just the ones in the tournament.  I’m gonna work hard to make sure that players aren’t overly rewarded in the system for playing more matches, but still encourage matches whenever possible.  I may have to revise the system a number of times to get it right, but it’ll be worth it in the end.