WNF 2/26 Tournament Report for Count

Count player 4 sets, going 2-2


Set one:  Neverpullout, playing Mario

Game one Count played Snake, Lost (PS2)

Game two Count played Dedede, Lost (Smashville)


Count did not warm up before his first set, and played somewhat poorly, missing b reversals, getting frustrated, airdodging in a lot and not properly DIing.  He also SDed once at low percent stock two in game one. He had more presence for game two but fell prey to Mario combos. He consistently went for shield grabs in unsafe situations and got punished for it.  

Never played a very aggressive game, often fading straight into Count and going for aggressive shield pressure and combos.  He got hit a lot coming in but didn’t become deterred. He seemed to not like playing against defensive players, and could be easily frustrated. Never is an emotive player, often shaking his head during games and showing his frustration.


Takeaways:  Practice DIing Mario combos, OOS options against Mario, Having a game plan against aggressive Marios, Remembering to warm up before sets, Consider using Lucina for particularly aggressive Marios, Practice maintaining a positive mindset against negative players, 


Set two: NgocOut (Knockout), playing Greninja (?) and Yoshi

Game one Count played Snake, Won vs Greninja

Game two Count played Lucina, Won vs Yoshi


NgocOut was very new to the game and likely won’t be entering future tournaments, and is a way from being a threat.  Nice guy though. 


Set three: Big Sean played Bowser

Game one Count played Snake, Won (PS2)

Game two Count played Snake, Lost (Smashville?)

Game three Count played Snake, WIn (Kalos)

Sean banned both triplats.  


Sean looked uncomfortable playing against Snake. He went for more side Bs as the set progressed, possibly to adjust to Count shielding a lot.  Sean Up B’d OOS a good amount when behind him. At low percent look for the flame breath, at higher percent look for pivot up tilt. Dairing may be a frustration move that Sean goes for, pulling grenades and staying mobile worked well.  Only used down B for platform pressure, and only once or twice.  


Takeaways: Practice down throw follow ups, Snake gets a lot from throwing Bowser.  

(Low % upthrow > uptilt, mid % throw offstage, high % dthrow to jab/ftilt/uptilt), Frustrating Sean by making him chase you across the stage and back looks like a promising strategy, He used side b mostly aggressively rarely going for it when I approached but when he approached so landing near him with shield and grenade was good and set up good trades when Snake can follow up from the grenade explosion. Sean may ride momentum in his sets, having trouble making comebacks but gaining confidence from taking early stocks. He could go for slightly different strategies when up versus when he’s behind.  


Set four: Dave played Daisy

Game one Count played Snake, Lost (PS2?)

Game two Count played Snake, Won (BF?)

Game three Count played Snake, Lost

Dave banned Lylat and ?


Dave has fairly emotive, getting a little frustrated by campy strategies, but adjusted by pulling more turnips, throwing them and going in after fairly consistently.  He was comfortable playing around shields, going for good pressure, baiting shield grabs and comboing fairly well. He didn’t dair shield, preferring bair and nair. He waits for people to jump from ledge, not going for trumps or hits on the ledge.  He side Bs from the ledge occasionally when recovering. Odd moves and unexpected plays seem to get to Dave particularly. Likes to throw Snake off stage and go for a jump read fair, didn’t seem as comfortable countering low recoveries but they are still very risky.  He dealt with Snake up smashes well, don’t use them as a keep out tool.  


Takeaways:  Practice throw follow ups (back throw > dash attack at low%, throw off stage at mid %), Work on jump habits offstage, Mix up OOS options more, Practice dealing with turnips, develop a strategy against players who prefer shield pressure over grabbing.  

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